Traditional Hindu vs. Western perspective

When one studies any topic in the world, there exist two distinct entities – the one who is studying (Study-er) and the studied (Object of study) The topic being studied may be a language or a branch of pure science/technology, or a more abstract science, such as psychology or a scriptural text. The more the Study-er is able separate himself from the subject being studied, the more ‘objective’ he is said to be, and therefore, the more accurate his understanding and evaluation of the topic. This is how we are taught to be ‘scientific’ in our thinking, and examine all phenomena with this type of ‘objectivity’.

What happens when the topic of study is not something in the World of Objects, but the very nature of the subject, the Study-er? Would it be possible for the one doing the study to maintain this type of ‘objectivity’ when the topic under study is NOT an object of the universe? Would one engaged in study with this kind of objectivity be able to understand the nature of the subject, the Self? Would this Subject-Object distinction be an advantage or would it hamper the study?… (Click read more for the full article)